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Mar 15, 2013 5:00pm EDT
air force, maj general fond of the marine corps, major general gary patton, director of sexual assault prevention and response office, the rear admiral judge at general of the united states coast guard. thank you. i think that we can start. >> good afternoon madame chair gillibrand and members of the subcommittee. thank you for the opportunity to appear before you to discuss the coast guard efforts to prevent and respond to sexual assault in our service and good afternoon to you, a ranking member gramm. i share the, on its commitment to the safety and well-being of each of our service members. ensuring the coast guard personnel have a collaborative cohesive work environment that allows them to accomplish their mission, protecting those on the sea, protecting americans from threats delivered by the sea and protecting the sea itself. eliminating incidents of sexual assault within the coast guard was a significant central theme of the, wants state of the coast guard address delivered three weeks ago. sexual assault is intolerable and the coast guard and its devastating to its victims and
Mar 13, 2013 5:00pm EDT
up, smiled and walked away. he and i joked about that earlier. earlier, i asked gary, i said find somebody on the staff that was there when myron fell, and no one remembered, but myron and i remembered, so i went and talked to him myself. he's leaving next week to go on a cruise, cancun, mexico, with his wife and his granddaughter. i thank him on behalf of the entire senate for his faithful service to our country and to the united states senate. i wish him well in retirement. mr. inhofe: i thank the leader. the presiding officer: the senator from oklahoma. mr. inhofe: mr. president, first, i ask unanimous consent to set aside the pending amendment for consideration of amendment number -- mrs. boxer: reserving the right to object. the presiding officer: the senator from california. mrs. boxer: as i understand it, i just two minutes ago got a copy of what my dear friend is going to offer, and here we go again with a series of environmental riders that have nothing to do with this bill, that would change laws that protect our rivers and our streams and involve the e.p.a. making sure
Mar 15, 2013 9:00am EDT
relations officer. and gary kemp, our deputy clerk. as you both indicated, drinking and congressman serrano. -- this is an institutional constitution dynamic here this morning. we talk often of separation of powers and checks and balances, and we use those words interchangeably. actually they have a different -- separation of powers means that each branch of the government has powers of its own. that it can exercise without, and much -- must exercise without interference of the other branches. checks and balances means you can have complete separate apartments. at work together and this is an example of checks and balances. and we come here to indicate that as a separate branch of the government, we do think our budget request is of a high priority. by nature and by tradition. very, very careful in the expenditure of public money. we are good stewards of the public treasury. doesn't mean that there aren't instances where congress can point out that an expenditure might be too large or unnecessary. but over the last year, especially over the last years, congressman serrano, have been extra c
Mar 15, 2013 12:00pm EDT
a degree who didn't vote in this election or voted for gary johnson, the libertarian candidate, or even a few of them voted for obama again. mitt romney was the antithesis of the populist candidate. and i think that hurt and i think not going after too big to fail and not going after the banks or corporate welfare sends a message to populace voters this is the party of the fat cats and we may say that we are conservatives but we are not looking out for you. >> by the way, you could defend -- you would be defending the free market. there is a difference. the most important thing the republican candidates need to do to appeal to the voters that didn't show up in 2012 was a big thing. pro-business is in the same thing as being a conservative necessarily or pro-market. >> when i saw your cartoon of the press pumping the like of obama, probably the most evocative image i have seen since i was at the lubber actually -- >> we sketched out on the floor of the democratic convention and we witnessed it every single day. >> that is the world i live in and i can agree i've seen a lot in my time and
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)